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Training on energy markets

9 November 2011

Danish Energy Association

You can download the presentations here:


Energy savings obligations: the Danish model

The energy market liberalisation

Introduction on the energy system

Panel discussion on the Energy Efficiency Directive

4 October 17.00-18.30

European Parliament

Meeting the EU’s 20% by 2020 energy efficiency target means saving 1000 € per household every year. We would also be cutting back energy imports and speeding up CO2 emission reductions. All experts agree this is possible. But so far Europe’s energy efficiency policies have been too weak to take effect. Can the new Energy Efficiency Directive make a difference? Join the debate.


  • Claude Turmes MEP:  European Parliament’s Rapporteur for the Energy Efficiency Directive
  • Dr Silke Karcher,  Head of EU Affairs and Bilateral Cooperation “Environment and Energy”, Ministry for Environment, Germany
  • Luigi Meli, Secretary General of the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers
  • Daniele Agostini, Chair of the Eurelectric Working Group on Energy Efficiency
  • Brook Riley, Friends of the Earth Europe

Chaired by TV journalist Vanessa Mock

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