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Save energy and invest in efficiency – A joint response to the economic and climate crisis

November 18, 2011

In its recently published World Energy Outlook 20111, the International Energy Agency concludes that without stringent new action by 2017, particularly on energy efficiency, the world’s energy system will be out of line with agreed climate goals. At the same time, energy savings are also the most immediate and reliable solution to our energy security imperatives.

In view of the Energy Council discussion on the Energy Efficiency Directive on 24th November, the Coalition for Energy Savings calls on the European Energy Ministers show consistency and provide leadership to ensure that the European Union honours its commitment to get on track to saving 20% energy by 2020.

The Coalition urges Member States to:

– Secure Europe’s 20% primary energy saving target and share it among the 27 Member States;

– Ensure short and long-term ambitions for the building sector; and

– Guarantee stable financing for consumer savings by putting in place energy saving obligation schemes without opt-outs or sunsets and coupled to energy efficiency funding mechanisms.

The full text of the letter is available here.


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