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More ambition required to meet the 20% savings target

October 25, 2011

Position on the Commission proposal for an Energy Efficiency Directive, COM(2011)370

A new Energy Efficiency Directive is a unique opportunity for Europe to bring its 20% energy saving target within reach and put it on course for an efficient and renewable energy vision for 2050. It can tackle the many barriers that stand in the way of energy efficiency.

But as it stands it would only close 2/3 of the current gap towards the 20% energy saving target and miss out on a long-term planning perspective for investors and businesses.

The Coalition calls upon the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission to grasp the opportunity and strengthen the Directive by:

  • Setting mandatory national energy saving targets;
  • “Switching on” the energy efficiency market with efficiency obligation schemes, including strengthening their quality and clarity as well as deleting the clauses that allow for national opt outs;
  • Requiring national energy efficiency financing facilities to mainstream financing sources; and
  • Establishing national roadmaps to achieve high and deep building renovation rates.

Click here for the full Coalition position paper


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